Save Ghana’s Creative Industry – Enock Agyapong Cries

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Speech Music Production, Enock Agyapong, has expressed concern about the myriad of challenges confronting the creative industry, saying if nothing is done it will collapse.

He hinted that if the stakeholders in the creative industry want the industry to be recognised on the international scene, they need to structure the industry to meet international standard.

Enock Agyapong added that the industry can only survive when legal and proper policies are put in place.

The music producer stressed that the stakeholders need to work out mechanisms, employ professions to train them in the area of filmmaking, music production, distribution, among others, in order to boost the image of the industry.

In an interview with BEATWAVES yesterday, Enock Agyapong explained that without effective structures and policies in place “we cannot claim Ghana has an industry called creative industry.”

“We don’t need anything but good structures and policies. There are no structures put in place to streamline the operations of the industry players,” he added.

The Speech Music Production CEO mentioned that in order to revamp the creative arts industry, stakeholders would also need to engage authorities, including the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, “sit one-on-one with them and have a stakeholders meeting and if they don’t understand why, we let them understand, we need to dialogue”

According to him, a number of stakeholders who have invested so much in the movie industry “are struggling to get their moneys back” because they have come to realise that without proper structures and policies put in place to streamline the operations of the industry, their investment would not be profitable.

Enock Agyapong called on government to develop interest in funding some of the activities of the creative industry, especially music and movie industries, because of their role in providing employment for the youth in the country.