Introduce Sex Tourism In Ghana - Maurice Ampaw To Govt.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has suggested for government to introduce sex tourism in order to reduce the high rate of prostitution in the country.

According to him, it would be impossible to completely abolish prostitution but the introduction of sex tourism where prostitutes who are old enough are selected and trained to entertain foreigners who come to Ghana as tourists.

His comment comes on the back of the statement by the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of the Tamale metropolis Iddrisu Musa Superior to abolish prostitution in the Tamale metropolis.

Speaking on Hot FM, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw who acknowledged how prostitution is fast increasing in the country though it's illegal, accentuated that no one would be able to abolish the act but measures can be put in place to reduce it:

"We must start going after them (prostitutes) and council them. We could provide jobs for those who are fit to work and send the teenagers involved to school to keep them busy because when they get busy with other things, these things could stop but no one can abolish prostitution, the oldest profession because some may do it behind closed doors. What could help is to introduce sex tourism where some selected prostitutes are trained to entertain tourists but this should be something exclusive which could be introduced in the law but it should not be made attractive for others to join."