Ghana Post GPS To Educate Market Women

Jonathan Ansah, Commercial Director for Ghana Post, has revealed that officials of his company will be moving from village to village across the country to educate the Ghanaian public on the National Digital Property Addressing System.

According to him, the company is already collaborating with the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) and the Ministry of Communications to explain how the new system works to the ordinary Ghanaian. But the movement from village to village will be an addition to the arrangement.

Speaking on Accra FM Tuesday, October 31 Mr Ansah said: “Apart from the normal ATL, BTL activities we are doing, we are working in collaboration with the NCCE. In fact, NCCE is part of the project committee, we also have officials from the land administration, security agencies, Ministry of Communications and all the agencies that matter.”

He added: “In the coming days, officials from the NCCE and Ghana Post will be moving from village to village to educate the public on the new system. You would have heard of radio jingles and other announcements going on, so all is part and parcel of the public education drive.

“We are also going to start a couple of activation, you will soon see staff of Ghana Post at strategic locations and markets across the country where we are going to help all market women and everybody to register.”

The National Digital Property Addressing System, GhanaPostGPS, was launched by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

The President described it as a “move ever closer to realising our vision of formalising the Ghanaian economy”.

Launching the event at the Accra International Conference Centre on Wednesday, 19th October, 2017 President Akufo-Addo noted that the informal nature of Ghana’s economy has been a major constraint to her development.

The informal nature of the economy, he explained, has affected the nation’s ability to broaden the tax base, deepen and widen financial inclusion, and deliver services to those most in need.

“It has been a barrier to job creation. It is for this reason that we have, over the last 9 months, the period of my stay in office, taken bold steps to formalise the economy and the way we conduct our everyday activities, including the way government delivers services to citizens most in need,” he added.