Ahuofe Patri Has Been Traumatized By Wee Addiction Story - Kalybos

Colleague and close pal of Ahuofe Patri, Kalybos has finally reacted to a report that suggested Ahuofe Patri has started smoking wee and that her addiction to the drug had become a worry for her mother and family members.

The report indicated that Ahuofe Patri's smoking habit were as a result of her association with Efya, Afia Schwarzenegger and Kwabena Kwabena.

But commenting on the issue for the first time since it was reported, Kalybos indicated that Ahuofe Patri is not a drug addict like the report made the world believe.

He indicated that the blogger who put the information out did that just to draw traffic to his website and that there was no truth in the story.

Kalybos further indicated the owner of the website that broke the story is on the radar of most celebrities because he has in the time past spread falsehood about some celebrities indicating that it was very characteristic of him.

He indicated that the story has affected Ahuofe who is an emotional person adding that he had to pull her out because she had vowed not to go to public places because of the stigma the story had won for her.

Kalybos mentioned that with the falsehood spread by the blogger, he will certainly pay for it in the future.

“I have tried as much as possible not to comment on this issue, but then again the truth has to come out.The said blogger who wrote that news is being wanted by most celebrities let me just say.He’s blogged himself Ghana Celebrities and he is attacking most celebrities.”

“Everything he was saying on that blog he wrote is not true.I just went to the premiering with Ahuofe Patri, you see her standing, nothing shows she is a drug addict or something.So I don’t know where he gets his gets his news and stuffs.”