Ebony Has The Backing Of Witches In Her Family - Countryman Songo

Controversial Television and Radio personality, Countryman Songo has disclosed that Dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns has the backing of the witches in her family; a reason she is doing splendidly with her career.

This revelation comes after several quarters have criticized her for her choice of fashion and the fact that she exposes too much flesh.

Country Man Songo who was attacking individuals who have in the past criticized the artiste said "What kind of nonsense is that. What have you done for music? You have squandered money of musicians for a very long time what have you done for music. Listen to Ebony's voice, she is a twenty years old girl and when she sings your heart will beat but you people want to discourage her so that her career will end.

Go and fight the witches in your houses you witches and wizards. The witches and Wizards in Ebony's family is supporting her that is why she is doing well and you people are jealous of her shine," he said.