Let’s Preserve Our Culture!

IT is necessary as a country, we develop a national heritage preservation plan to preserve the rich Ghanaian culture. This is because culture by its operational definition identifies who a person is?

AND for this reason, it is important we uphold it in high esteem since we cannot afford to lose our true identity as Ghanaians.

AND in helping to preserve our culture and tradition, we must not forget that, the inclusion of writers is very essential in that direction. Writers, we think must be made to play an integral role by communicating ideas and values to support such a laudable course.

THE writer’s ideas have the tendency of strengthening societal bonds and as well promote healthy relationships to bridge cultural diversities.

IN fact, there should be a national debate on the way forward to preserve our rich heritage and culture. The truth of the matter is that, the preservation of our culture is very critical, since it can propel us to attain our national development goals.

HOWEVR, Today finds it quite unfortunate, the intrusion of the western culture into our country. This hascome as a result of modernisation, urbanisation and technology.

BUT one thing we must  know is that, we cannot copy blindly by behaving or living like the westerners whiles our cherished and rich culture is being abandoned all in the name of the above three elements.

AND it is high time we realised the mistake we are making by abandoning our culture and following what is alien to us. The interesting part of this is that, whiles we do not value our own, the westerners do not joke with theirs.

FOR instances, countries like Germany, Japan, Italy, France North and  South Korea and others see their culture as unique and supreme   which wherever  they go, they portray it.

INDEED, citizens of these countries are not ashamed of their culture.

FOR example, a Japanese or a Chinese today continues to eat with sticks even at international gatherings because their culture demands that.

ALSO a German or a French will not speak an English language when at an international forum because he or she values her language more than anybody’s own.

AND until we begin to also appreciate our own, we will continue to live as strangers in our own country.

IT is even sad that, in most of our schools today, our local dialects are not being taught.

SOME parents also do not want to hear their wards speak our local languages, something we find it very absurd and therefore must change.