Saucedo Bows To Tagoe

Ghana’s Emmanuel Tagoe (28-1, 14 KOs) in a controversial manner stopped Argentina’s Fernando David Saucedo (61-7-3, 10 KOs) in round 10, to defend his International Boxing Organisation (IBO) Lightweight belt on Saturday at the Bukom Boxing Arena.

The much publicized fight failed to live up to expectations as both boxers failed to explode on the night.

Tagoe pressed the action in round one and he worked on the body of the Argentine.

In round two, Tagoe sent Saucedo crashing to the mat with a body shot, Saucedo survived the beat count.

Referee Roger Barnor ducked the Argentine a point after the latter exchanges words with him.

Saucedo in round three was inactive as Tagoe dominated him with persistent jabs.

During the course of the fight the Argentine complained to the referee that Tagoe has been hitting him with illegal blows.

Tagoe scored his second knock down in the fight with a straight right – Saucedo again beat the referee’s count.

Tagoe piled pressure on Saucedo in round five, but the former world title contender stood to the test.

The Ghanaian in round six taunted his opponent with some dancing moves and later Tagoe landed telling punches, forcing the Argentine to defend deep.

Round seven was the best moment for Saucedo as he landed some clean shots, but Tagoe wasn’t despaired as he fired back with straight right.

Tagoe went all gun blazing in round eight and ninth rounds looking for knock out but Saucedo proved too strong as he received Tagoe’s best shots with ease.

In the tenth round, Tagoe pressed the action, the Ghanaian landed a punch at the back of Saucedo’s head before connecting a left hook that sent the Argentine crashing to the mat.

Saucedo rose up and complained to the referee that Tagoe landed illegal blow but to the surprise of many referee Roger Barno waved off the fight.

After that decision from the referee, most of the fans at the Bukom Arena expressed their displeasure with respect to how the referee stopped the bout.