Interviewing Ex-Prez Mahama Would Have Been My Greatest Dream – Anita Erskine

Radio and Television personality, Anita Erskine has revealed that Former President John Dramani Mahama during his reign failed to fulfill three of their scheduled appointments as she was expected to be interviewing him all those occasions on Starr FM.

The former told Bola Ray on Starr FM she felt despaired since that could have been her greatest dream come true as a radio presenter.

“President Mahama, stood me up three times. Poor guy. I am sure he doesn’t even know he stood me up. I was scheduled to interview him and three times I couldn’t.”

Erskine was swift to add that the unfortunate incidents did not make her feel bad about the Former President, adding that she understood he might have been busy considering his position at the time.

“I like him still and I know that he was busy et cetera but I think there was a certain kind of interaction I wanted to have with him particularly because he started a discourse on girls and education and because I couldn’t interact with him I was like okay well,

“I like that he laughed and smiled about everything.He smiled at everything. And no matter what was happening, no matter how things were going down, he would smile, she said.