Jon Germain Reveals The Female Celebrities He Would Love To Have Threesome With...

Ghanaian R&B singer Jon Germain has stated he loves threesomes and his ideal threesome will be with award-winning TV presenter and actress Joselyn Dumas and Nikki Samonas, actress and co-presenter of the morning show on TV Africa.

Jon Germain was speaking on Class FM Tuesday, 13 March on his brand new single “Open up” featuring Jupiter.

Speaking on his song “Threesome”, which featured D. Money and EL, Jon Germain admitted his love for threesomes when asked if he fancied that. He said his love for threesomes inspired the title of his song “threesome”.

“As in threesome itself, I’m not gonna lie about it, that’s the reason why I made it.” He also stated that he translated his experiences, passion and love into recording “threesome.” He said: “Oh come on, I’m 42 years old, I’ve done stuff, I had to record a song about it”.

“I have so much experience, so much passion, so much love, I had to record a song about it, I’m not gonna lie about it.”

When asked which celebrities would make his ideal threesome experience, Jon Germain said: “If you said outside Ghana, I would have said it quickly, the reason I’m thinking about it closely is for the women in Ghana as well, you need to think about the fact that they might not be offended about it as well because Ghanaians, we get funny sometimes.”

“Joselyn Dumas. I think maybe Nikki, Nikki she’s an ex, as well.

“I like women who surprise you, there are a lot of women who would usually look like they are really wild but 99 per cent of the time, they are not; it’s just an act, there are a lot of women who look like they are so calm but they will surprise you.”

Jon Germain’s song “love zone” was nominated for the record of the year award at the Ghana music awards and he was also nominated for the “discovery of the year” award on 4syte Tv.