Rashida Black Beauty Confirms She’s Pregnant; Appeals For Support - VIDEO

Brong Ahafo based controversial teenager, Rashida Black Beauty has confirmed reports suggesting she is heavily pregnant.

18-year-old Rashida who rose to stardom after her “Malafaka” breakup videos went viral on social media disclosed that her embattled boyfriend, Kushman is the man responsible for her seven-month-old pregnancy.

Speaking in an interview with Bible scholar Avram Ben Moshe, Rashida explained that circumstances beyond her control led her into the situation she currently finds herself.

During the interaction, it was revealed that she is “broke” to the point that she does not even have a mobile phone.

Rashida Black Beauty who featured in "Noko Fio" comedy drama with stars like Nana Ama McBrown, Kalybos, Benedicta Gafah, Yaw Dabo, Jackson Davies and Salma Mumin and Umar Krupp alleged that she was only exploited and earned nothing from the movie.

“I didn’t just decide to get pregnant. It was the situation I was in. I wanted to even abort the pregnancy but my mum discouraged me from doing so,” she noted.

“Regretful” Rashida appealed to Ghanaians to support her until she gives birth to her unborn child.

“I need a place I can lay my head until my delivery. Currently I’m living with my parents so if I’m able to rent a single room until I give birth I’ll be happy. After giving birth my mum can take care of the child while I learn a trade in Accra,” she pleaded.

The Jigwe Viral Video Awards winner also apologised to her fans for disappointing them by getting pregnant at her prime saying, “I am sorry for disappointing them. They shouldn’t be angry with me because making mistakes is part of human nature. Whatever it is that I’ve done wrong I’m very sorry, please forgive me,” she stated.