Yvonne Nelson Threatens To Sue Ibrah One And Bloggers

Ibrah One has been going on and on making one accusation after the other towards renowned people in Ghana and beyond without any prove.

Ever since he was arrested somewhere last week for allegedly indulging in money laundering activities, Ibrah One has been on about exposing others who are also into money laundering.

There were earlier stories linking on-screen goddess, Yvonne Nelson with the millionaire. But in a quick response to the said allegations, Yvonne has opened up on the purported story linking her to Ibrahim Daouda, popularly known as Ibrah One in any way and has distanced herself from any such connection.

She took to her Twitter handle to rubbish claims that she had links with the rich man who has been tied to an alleged money laundering scandal.

In her tweet, she sent a stern warning and threatened to take legal actions against anyone or group of people who made news out of the fabricated link made by Ibrah One.

“It’s either I’ve become an easy target or my name seems the easiest to roll out of everybody’s tongue.I have never met the said person in question. I DONT KNOW IBRAH, never met the guy. Bloggers, watch it! my lawyer is on standby. Might not take an apology next time!”

— Yvonne Nelson (@yvonnenelsongh) April 26, 2018

Although it was clear Ibrah was arrested, he has come out to deny ever being arrested. He claims he faked it all to test the loyalty of his friends.