I Never Slept With Becca; She Is 'Way Older' Than Me – Bisa Kdei

Ronald Kweku Dei better known by his stage name, Bisa Kdei, has refuted media claims that he was having a sexual affair with sensational songwriter and singer, Becca.

The two musicians, last year engaged in public display of affection that prompted people to conclude that they were dating.

The songstress went ahead to feature Bisa Kdei on two of her songs, “Beshiwo” and “Hwe De3 Odo Aye me” and was also alleged to have kissed Bisa KDei in public.

But reacting to these allegations on the Delay Show, Bisa Kdei who said he is currently single maintains that, he never had nothing to do with Becca.

According to him, the songstress is far older than him and he always saw her as his big sister.

He said he was not bothered by her description of him as a “small boy” since he is aware of the age difference.

“I can swear that I never slept with Becca. There was no off-and-on relationship like it was insinuated. People started to assume and then some took it as fact. I know she is older than me. She is my big sister, I never slept with her. I have denied that affair so many times. People just don’t want to believe me. We never had sex. Never.”

Asked whether he would like to date anyone in the entertainment industry since he was single, the “Mansa” hitmaker answered in the negative. 

According to him, although he does not want to believe that fame has something to do with his single status, it has been difficult to sustain a love-life.

“If someone doesn’t understand you it becomes a problem. Take Instagram and my fans as examples, you get messages from them all the time and if the person you are dating doesn’t understand that, then the problem comes in. I am not even ready to date, I am happy being single. I don’t have a child with anyone but I wish I did.”