Indomie Stood By Talented Kidz; Wants Education System To Nurture Talents

The General Manager of De United Foods Industries Ltd (DUFIL), Mahesh Shah had suggested that the educational system should be such that it can facilitate in nurturing talent. He also pointed out that talented children shouldn’t drop out of school to pursue career or abandon their talent because of education.

DUFIL, the brand owners of Indomie, has remained a major sponsor of Talented Kidz because it offers a platform to youngsters.

Mr. Mahesh’s comments followed another successful season of the childrens’ reality show on TV3. Young rapper Samuel Owusu bagged the title of the 9th edition of the popular TV show. Peniel Dodoo, a guitarist, Hakeem Issa, a rapper and Luther King Monarch band were placed second, third and fourth respectively.

Congratulating the winners, Mr. Mahesh emphasised the need to ensure that these children get the opportunity to develop their talent without sacrificing education. He suggested that the educational curriculum could be adjusted in such a way as to accommodate such talented children. “In some countries, extra attention or time is allotted to such talents or even credits are awarded within the school system. We can look at some of these options,” he stated.

Mr. Mahesh indicated that talented children are an important resource and could bring laurels to the nation, if properly trained.

This year too, Indomie supported the Talented Kidz show by providing free meals throughout the season and gave out prizes that included cartons of Indomie instant noodles, reading books, exercise books, T-shirts and souvenirs. Close to GHS 4,000 worth of products were also presented to the top four winners in the final episode.