Contractual Dealings Of The GFA Should Be Scrutinized

Mr. Charles Kwadwo Ntim, founder and bankroller of Techiman City football club has said all contractual dealings of the football association should be reviewed as part of the house cleaning exercise, following the exposure of several underhand dealings by officials of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) as revealed by Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas in his investigations.

   There has been a huge media backlash after the premiering of the long awaited Number 12 Exposé, which revealed series of misconduct by stakeholders in both football and the political circles.

    In the past, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) have been criticised for not being transparent in the contractual dealing with respect to the sponsorship of the national teams, the elite division and lower divisions of the Ghana Football.

    But the outspoken football administrator believes the revamping process, should involve the scrutiny of all the various dealings of the GFA.

  "We have to clean the house (GFA) and start all over again and the process of cleaning the house should start with the scrutiny of all contracts. We realized what happened at FIFA some few years back and I think same should be done in this scenario,'' he told GNA Sports.

    Meanwhile, the GFA has revealed that all members found culpable of engaging in series of misconduct in the documentary will be dealt with as they will take immediate steps to address disturbing matters arising.