Maltavator Challenge Reaches New Heights As Fastest Contestants Progress To Round Two

The Maltavator Challenge, Malta Guinness’s new pan African TV game show, has been thrilling audiences for the last five weeks. Testing both brains and brawn, contestants from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire have been going head to head in a series of challenges as they demonstrate their can-do attitude.

 In last night’s episode 6, viewers were able to enjoy the ups and downs of the show as the fastest five contestants for each nation were revealed, with a little bit of jeopardy thrown in, as the teams had to decide amongst themselves who the 6th representative would be.  Hosts Berla Mundi and Bovi watched over the deliberations as the contestants had to decide who to choose to be in with a chance to win the grand prize of $20,000 – a decision filled with real emotion.

The fastest five contestants going on to represent Ghana were:

1.      James Eddie Bamfo

2.      Oliver Puman

3.      Marshall Nortey

4.      Prince Korku Hussein

5.      Daniel Yin

And they were joined by wildcard, Simon Cephas, who was voted in by his teammates after Prince managed the discussion and voting for team Ghana.

These six contestants now faced round 2 of the Maltavator Challenge – three exciting, but tough challenges that will really test their physical strength. And now, going head to head with the fastest contestants from Nigeria, Ethiopia and Cote d’Ivoire.

In last night’s show, the first eight finalists had to tackle the Malta Wall, the Malta Slide and the Malta Swing – all against the clock.  Challenges filled with energy and action as each of the contestants gave it their all as they moved that bit closer to the grand prize.

 Starting at the Malta Wall, the contestants had to scale up the climbing wall as fast as they could. The Ghanaian duo of James and Simon both showed real energy and vitality. Fitness instructor Simon’s time training had really paid off at this stage as he flew up the wall in a very impressive 9 seconds, the fastest of the show.  James had the potential to really perform in this round due to his impressive height, but it actually turned out to be more of a hindrance as he fell off the wall twice before reaching the top of the Malta Wall.

Once all eight of this week’s contestants had tackled the Malta Wall, they had to take on the Malta Slide – the one challenge that host, Bovi was desperate to have a go at! James was up against Kassi from Cote d’Ivoire and he really showed his can-do attitude as he flew down the slide as the clear winner. Simon was paired with Cote d’Ivoire’s Joel in a true battle of brawn v brains. They were closely matched on the way up, but Simon’s fitness gave him the edge as he sped down the slide ahead of Joel.

The final challenge in last night’s show was the Malta Swing, possibly the toughest challenge yet. The contestants had to swing across a series of ropes, using a combination of their upper body strength, and strategy.  Would Simon’s strength give him the edge, or would James’ height help him make it across quickly? How long could the contestants hang tough on this tricky challenge.

James started off confidently and navigated his way easily across the blue ropes, and despite looking good on the green ropes, dropped into the ballpit as he reached the orange section.  Simon was the last to go and was determined to finish, but the ropes got the better of him as he ended up in a real spin and didn’t get beyond the blue section. Only one contestant made it to the end of the swing, Evans from Nigeria.  He seems to be winning the hearts of the female contestants on the show as well as the challenges!

Simon secured himself am impressive third place overall in this heat with James in fourth, but it’s all to play for as we see more contestants coming back next week to show how they turn their goodness into greatness.  Berla and Bovi will be back on our screens next week as another eight contestants step up and tackle these tough challenges – you can also see Bovi’s wish come true as he takes on the Malta Slide!