COMMENT: 25th December 2009 Was The Worst Christmas In Ghana!

Most parents could not buy new clothing for their children like they use to do in the past, lovers could not afford basic gifts for their partners, market women and other traders had bad days as they were seen and heard on national Television and radio complain about how their goods failed to attract customers because �there is no money�. It is a long list of general disenchantment to say the least!! The summary is that, it was the worst Christmas since Ghana attained independence from the British on March 6, 1957 in my view. The question to ask now is; what accounted for this unenviable record of worst Christmas in over 50 years in Ghana?? Firstly, most Ghanaians especially the youth who could have helped make the celebration lovely are unemployed since they left schools. Apart from the general unavailability of employment in the country, the government of Attah Mills has also freeze employment into the public sector of Ghana compounding an already bad situation. The very basic logic therefore is that, no employment, no money; no shopping�s no Christmas gifts!situation. The very basic logic therefore is that, no employment, no money; no shopping�s no Christmas gifts!! The other issue is that, those who are even in employment in Ghana especially Civil and public Servants are not paid very well. Most Ghanaians currently can not break-even with their monthly salary, and other earnings. So in such a situation how can people have the peace of mind to even celebrate Christmas? Thirdly, the government of Attah Mills is honestly befuddled about how to fulfil its countless pre-election promises; including a promise to put money into the pockets of Ghanaians! There is no indication at all that, President Mills and his government can put even the coins that were used in the Gold-Coast era into anybody�s pocket either directly or indirectly! If people have still not yet received the money promised them in their pockets; how will they afford good Christmas? In other words if workers are paid in a manner that shows the government doesn�t care about the plight of the Ghanaian worker how could they have a smooth and happy Christmas? I reluctantly said �Happy Christmas� to my friends just as a routine. I thank God none of then got angry with me. I knew they were never going to have a �happy Christmas� knowing that some of them after their graduation ceremonies have no jobs and there is no very clear sign that they will get jobs any soon. A large chunk of Ghanaians could not afford fares to travel to their home towns to celebrate the Christmas as a result of several factors including high transportation fares occasioned by the frequent increases in petroleum prices by the Mills government contrary to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) pre-election promise of reducing the prices of fuel no matter how much it would cost on the world market. If a country has a government which is so infatuated with seizing vehicles of ex-government officials, setting up of fault finding and vindictive committees, drinking Chelsea tea at 1.3billion and also distributing cars and money to its fanatics as was disclosed by Doctor Asemfofro, and lately issuing a directive to his appointees to open their doors and windows to only card bearing members of the NDC then it should not be surprising that, most Ghanaians could not celebrate the Christmas. The government of the NDC must be told that, alleviating the poverty and sufferings of the people in the country does not lie in declaration of intention to prosecute ex-government officials like was announced in the media by Attorney General Betty Mould Iddrisu. The very best slogan for the NDC as it is approaching its first anniversary in office should be �so far, so worst� I hope President Mills would not irritate Ghanaians by scoring himself high marks on his first anniversary of �marathon failures� like he did when he was only 100 days in office. The best message Mills can give to Ghanaians should be a sincere apology of failing Ghanaians and ask for Imams, Pastors, and the traditionalists to pray for him so that 2010 will get better and for Co-President Chairman Rawlings to tone down his frustrated attacks! My prayer for all is that, may the New Year be the very best for us all. May God grant us what is due us and all our wishes with or without the hands of politicians somebody say Ameen! AKILU SAYIBU, UK EMAIL: [email protected]