Statement: We Shall Govern Ghana Again Says CPP

The Convention People’s Party, CPP, has in a New Year Message reiterated that in the year 2010 and beyond, it will remain hopeful, optimistic and committed to the goal of providing good quality governance to Ghana again. Read below the full New Year's Message from the Convention People's Party. CPP OPTIMISTIC AND COMMITTED TO GOVERNING GHANA AGAIN: NEW YEAR MESSAGE. The Convention People’s Party CPP wishes fellow Ghanaians, members of the CPP, workers, the youth, the poor and the vulnerable of our country a happy festive season, a hopeful and prosperous new year in 2010. In the year 2009 our own members, sympathisers, members of other political parties and friends of Ghana called for a third party to govern the country, when they came to realise the cold matter of fact that there was little difference between the NDC and NPP, as regards their capacity to transform Ghana from a third world to a middle income country in the medium term and to a high income country in the long term. The calls for a third party to govern Ghana, have been triggered by the management of our economy and the vicious cycle of vindictive politics continuously exhibited by both the NDC and NPP parties who have governed Ghana in the last 17 years. Even more disappointing is their inability to provide any real sustainable solutions to the ever increasing difficulties the people of Ghana face on the socio-economic front. In the CPP’s 2008 Manifesto “New Dawn, New Vision”, we proposed to implement a series of medium-term plans to reflect both our Party’s ideology of Nkrumaism and the Directive Principles of State Policy which constitute a national vision agreed by all Ghanaians in the 1992 Constitution. We promised to develop a long-term national development plan based on the national vision to be called [email protected]: A Roadmap to High-income Status. This means necessarily that the CPP would have shifted from the belt-tightening and endless stability slogan to bold and innovative growth strategies, had we succeeded in winning the elections and formed a government. In the year 2010 and beyond, we will remain hopeful, optimistic and committed to our goal of providing good quality governance to Ghana again. It will not be easy, but the demand for a third party to govern Ghana should serve as the catalyst that compels us to do the needful to govern Ghana again. Our winner-take-all-system is not conducive to a successful third party. The stronger we become, the more destructive our strength could be to ourselves if we remain in-disciplined and divided by allowing our enemies to use us against our own future success as a political party. As we enter the new year, we invite our rank and file, to do something small every day for the CPP. If we come together to run our own race within our own means we will be surprised at how much we can accomplish, when who gets the credit is relegated to the background. We entreat every member, sympathiser and all who want to see Ghana transformed, to listen and reflect on the clarion call for the CPP to prepare, to govern Ghana again. To succeed, we need to develop, nurture and consolidate the spirit of unity and perseverance in the face of organisational and personality difficulties and be guided by the time tested principle. “United we stand divided we fall”. We wish the good people of Ghana and members of the CPP family a Prosperous New Year. Forward Ever Backward Never. Signed William Dowokpor Director of Communications, CPP. 024-3588422