RE/MAX Distinctive Properties Officially Begins Operations In Ghana

RE/MAX Distinctive Properties (Ghana) has officially launched its services in the country after being in Ghana for over two years as it is the latest to be added to the African countries.

The company which is based in the United States is a trusted global real estate brokerage and was established in 1973 maintaining the lead as world largest real estate network. The company has grown into the world’s largest real estate network of franchisee-owned and operated offices, with over 100,000 sales associates in nearly 110 countries and 15 African countries with over 40 years experience.

Today it is one of the best known real estate brands in Europe and around the world. The Re/MAX Distinctive Properties (Ghana) is one of the brokerages of Re/MAX.

Speaking to, Broker Owner Mrs May Hughes said, the RE/MAX (Ghana) stands for real estate maximum with the intention to support real estate associates to ‘’really make the maximum commission,’’ hence their decision to broke away from the traditional real estate brokerage to form Re/MAX.

The company she explained is geared towards bringing buyers and sellers together to trade on a simple platform; reiterating that the properties are listed on the Re/ where it is seen in all the countries the company is located in order for prospective customers and companies to trade.

Mrs May Hughes, added that, the platform affords people the opportunity to buy and sell in all the countries the company is operating without any difficulty.

“Re/MAX Ghana is owned by May OR Jojo Hughes and my husband Chas Jojo Hughes, who is the franchise owner and they are responsible for the region and representatives for the US mother company”.

“We don’t dictate the pricing, what we do is try to find the right buyer for the seller that has listed a property. We don’t have a lot of control over that”.

She bemoaned the huge shortage and backlog of adequate housing for many Ghanaians, assuring that the company is on course to make it easier by coordinating with another financing company to see if they can find a way to make financing possible as what we have now is not accessible to people.

She indicated the need for people to be assisted in getting access to affordable and quality homes as one major challenge confronting the housing sector in Ghana is ‘’accessing financing”.

“There are some countries that charges two to three percent but in Ghana, the rate is not affordable. Government in other jurisdictions has provided housing units at affordable rates so their citizens can rent or own them”.

She believes promoting part-ownership will make people care for the affordable homes since renting them could make people run these homes down.

About RE/MAX The recipe for success at RE/MAX is our focus on people – the clients, the agents, the broker/owners. Providing agents and broker/owners with the best tools, valuable support and educational opportunities, RE/MAX ensures a consistently high standard of real estate services to all our clients.

Moreover, both clients and agents benefit from the excellent international network and collaboration between offices that simplifies buying and selling houses internationally.