Rising Brazilian Footballer Ribeiro Apologises For Posting Sex Video Of Himself Engaging In A Threesome

Brazilian rising star Lucas Ribeiro has issued a public apology after posting a sex video on social media.
The 19-year-old defender posted an X-rated clip reportedly showing him having a threesome with a woman and another man in a bedroom on social media. 
He came under fire after the X-rated images of him were shared on his Instagram Stories and he immediately took down the post. 
Ribeiro was already in disciplinary trouble after being suspended following a red card in Vitoria’s 1-0 win over Vasco da Gama on September 9.
Following the backlash his explicit video generated, he published an apology on Instagram, headlining his post: "Official Notice."
The post reads:
I want to make a public apology for the video I mistakenly posted on Monday morning. It involves not just a peculiarity of mine, but two other people as well.

I am very sorry for what happened. I reinforce my pleas for forgiveness to the woman who appears in the images, and to her family.

Also to all fans of Esporte Club Vitoria, and everyone associated with the Red and Blacks.