I’m On Break From Attending Church – Actress

Ghanaian actress Jasmine Baroudi has revealed that she has taken a break from going to church.

The actress who stated she is a Christian said she no longer goes to church saying her reasons are personal.

“I don’t go to church anymore. It’s been a while. I have some one-on-one sorting out I’m doing. I’m on break from going to church” she said.

She explained her decision to stay out of church temporarily is because she’s doing some spiritual cleansing.

Her response came after the host asked her if she knew the Bible spoke against Tattoos.

The actress who revealed she has over 15 tattoos said she gets the tattoos because she loves them.

The mother of one said the birth of her daughter three years ago has changed her in several ways she couldn’t have imagined.

According to her, she never knew she could show some much love and affection towards another person like she does her daughter.