Social Media Users Leave Vile And Racist Comments About Meghan Markle On Royal Family's Official Instagram Account

Some social media users have taken to the official Instagram account of the royal family to drop vile racist comments about Meghan Markle. 

Some of the messages threatened the Duchess of Sussex while one made reference to her belonging in the ghetto. Another accused her of bleaching her skin to look whiter. The vile comments were left on a video shared by Kensington Palace of Meghan and Prince Harry in New Zealand during their tour.

One comment on the post reads:

Soon it will be me who is next to Harry and Megssy will be gone.
 The message is followed by six kitchen knife emojis. 

Another post caled Meghan "tacky" and "trashy" while alleging that she's bleaching. 

Though the Instagram account is being monitored by Palace officials, the vile coments have remained uncensored for up to a week. Some followers have asked the Palace to take down the abusive comments but no action has been taken.