Lydia Forson On Not Being First Pick For Roles

On the Citi Breakfast Show on Friday, actress Lydia Forson revealed that she has never been the first pick when it comes to casting for a movie role.

The award-winning actress, in an interview with Bernard Avle, said she is mostly a replacement when it comes to a role to play in a movie.

“Here is a secret about my career people don’t know, I have never been the one who is picked. Half of the time I am a replacement, most of the time I am the one no one is thinking of,” she revealed.

Lydia Forson added that her first big role as an actress was because someone didn’t show up and a replacement was needed.

She stated that it doesn’t bother her because all that matters to her is to get a small opportunity to steal the show.

“Just open the door, all want is a tinny door, let me step in, I will budge in. Throughout my career, my first professional gig was because an actor had cancelled and they wanted a replacement, I went in and did my thing,” she said.

Her first movie role was a cameo in ‘Hotel St. James’ in 2005.

After that she took part in the Next Movie Star reality show in 2007 and emerged the third runner-up.

Some movies she has starred in are ‘Run Baby Run’, ‘Different Shades of Blue’, ‘Scorned’, ‘The Perfect Picture’, ‘Keteke’, ‘Side Chic Gang’, among others.

She recently won best supporting actress movie/TV series for her role as Kukua in ‘Isoken’ movie and best actress (comedy) at the Golden Movie Awards.