Obuor losses �ceremonial pot�

One of the leading supporters of the Black Stars, Samuel Aggrey popularly known as �Obuor� was said to have been attacked by security personnel at the 11th November Sports Stadium in Luanda, after Ghana�s lone goal victory over Burkina Faso on Tuesday. Obuor who usually paints himself in the national colours with only white under pants to match and carries a �ceremonial small pot� that emits smoke from woods and fire with a placard, has gained popularity over the past five years with his unique way of supporting the Black Stars. The artist was the center of attention last Tuesday at Luanda when Ghana played Burkina Faso when he as usual painted himself in the national colours with the pot carried on his head while lifting high a placard with the inscription �Awurade Kasa� meaning God should speak. Explaining the circumstances that led to the attack to the GNA Sports at Luanda on Tuesday, Obuor said he was directed by the security men to use a path after the match but decided to use a different route due to his attempt to get in touch with the Minister of Youth and Sports, Rashid Pelpuo who was also in attendance at the match. According to Obuor, every soccer fan who watched the match used any path of his choice and wondered why the security personnel singled him out for such a directive. Obuor said the security officials whose only language of communication was Portuguese did not understand his explanation that he was trying to get in touch with the Minister and immediately attacked and beat him up and in the process broke the pot while he sustained several body injuries. He added that the security men said the pot contained juju after a translator intervened and saved him from further attacks by the security men. Obuor said the attack on him by security personnel is an indication that Ghanaian supporters might be attacked by Angolans should Ghana beat them on Sunday at the quarter finals duel. The visible worried Obuor said he will make contacts in Luanda to see if he could get a pot to buy for the next game against Angola in order to continue with his unflinching support for the Stars. Obour said he will still paint his body in the national colours and find another unique way of supporting the team even without the pot. He denied ever carrying any form of juju in the pot saying he went to the Germany 2006 World Cup and Egypt 2009 World Youth Championship with the same pot without any difficulty.