Ghanaians Mock Footballer Mubarak Wakaso Over His 'Designer' Sweatsuit

Ghanaian international and Alaves utility player, Mubarak Wakaso, has been the subject of unforgiving mockery on social media for wearing a fake Dolce & Gabbana sweatsuit.

The footballer has deleted the photo from his Twitter timeline.

On Saturday, December 29, 2018, Wakaso posted the photo on his Twitter with a caption pointing to the fact that he was returning to his club after the holidays. No sooner had he posted the photo than his social media followers pointed out that there was something wrong with his designer wear.

Instead of Gabbana, the player's sweatsuit had "Gababna".

Twitter in its merciless fashion made the photo viral and opened the Black Stars player to jokes and memes.

Some of the post below-