Boakye-Yiadom Writes: My Take On Church of Pentecost’s Decision On Pre-Wedding Pictures

I side with the Leadership of  Church of Pentecost [COP] and others who support the idea but my second thought is...I believe that outright ban will not help.

I suggest the leadership should place limitations instead and enforce it through the elders who are responsible for the various or individual branches as a measure of monitoring...where potential couples must be told to provide pictures should they opt to communicate to the public in such manner about their upcoming program during their counseling hours. 

The why is, some of the pictures are good, welcoming and are innocent for this judgment.

I think the church should remember that most of the era's upcoming couples fall in the age bracket of the YOUTH. The youth today have a bigger family across the World, thanks to the positive side of Social Media and such Pre-wedding pictures and videos are means of reaching and getting the attention of all who matters (the bigger family & friends).

The economist would say, “All Other Things Being Equal,” I believe  considering both the good and the bad side of will be unfair and shall be a great disservice to the innocent to be couples and the wedding planner. Especially the case where the latter want to make sure that the young to be couples hit the best ever joyful moment of their life cycle. 

From my point of view, I humbly request that the Leadership of our noble church (COP) should reconsider their decision. 

Arguably, placing a limitation on the matter at hand is a sure amicable way of settling the issue than a perpetual ban.