Joyce Dzidzor Mensah Publishes Her HIV Test Results

Former HIV/AIDS ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has once again caused another stir on social media by proving to Ghanaians that she is HIV negative.

According to her she had a test in Germany and requested for an extensive test to determine if the results exist in her system or not. To her, that is the only way she can put the matter to rest and vindicate herself.

She explained in a facebook live video that, the doctors told her she does not have the infection when she went back for the result a week later.

Joyce has now proven herself beyond every reasonable doubt that she is HIV negative.

She, however, warned those stigmatizing her children to stop now because the test she took in Germany has proved that she is HIV negative.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah was made the HIV-AIDS Ambassador in Ghana after she came public that she has been infected with the Virus and she wants to use her situation to educate Ghanaians of the deadly diseases.

Few years down the line, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah had a fallout with the AIDS Commission and came out with the shocking news that she does not have the Virus and has never had it. She claims she lied to teach Ghanaians about the disease.

She has been called a lier by the commission and as a section of Ghanaian partly because of her drama on social media and AIDS Commissions statements that indeed she had the virus at the time she worked with them.

Joyce Dzidor Mensah claims the only way to vindicate herself is to publish the test result for all Ghanaians to see.