Lights Off At Aphrodisiac Night Club Mess Up Album Launch

The Aphrodisiac Night Club in Accra, the venue for the outdooring of the latest sensation of Lynx Entertainment had a power outage after actor cum musician ‘O. J. Blaq’, pretty boy ‘Asem’, smooth voice ‘Richie’ and ‘Eazzy’, had teased the crowds with pieces of their songs to outdoor Zigi. The biggie man, O. J. Blaq opened the night with ‘Biggie Boy Lover’, followed by the chap whose name is a hit song ‘Asem’. He performed his latest single ‘No More Kpayor’, after which was followed by Richie and then Eazzy of ‘Bo Won Sem Ma Me’ fame. Eazzy then introduced Zigi to the crowds as the latest addition to the Lynx Entertainment family. Dressed in suit with trademark ‘You say weytin” Kwaku Sarpong Plahar known in showbiz circles as ‘Zigi’ performed his single ‘Catch Your Eye’ to the large number of crowds that had been teased with ‘you know the name right’ and ‘it’s a hit’ instrumentation. Though the crowds were excited and singing along with Zigi as he performed his single ‘Catch Your Eye’, the power fluctuation brought his performance to an abrupt end. The light went off on three occasions and came back in approximately 60 seconds each time it went off. Why the sudden light off? The members of the Lynx Entertainment crew told the light off came in as a result of Zigi’s bringing new thing in the music industry. In a chit chat with Albert, Lynx’s Administrative Director he said they should not be blamed for the power fluctuation but the blame should be shifted to the club management. would bring you an exclusive interview with the Lynx Entertainment family on their views on the sudden power outage. A club like Aphrodisiac doesn’t have a standby generator?