I Will Never Pay To Win An Award – Ellen White

What is the joy in having an award you paid for sitting in your room? This is the simple question actress Ellen White posed when she was asked if she will ever pay to win any award in her life.

According to her, there is no honor in doing such a thing because it goes a long way to paint a picture of the sort of person such an individual is. She stressed that if she will receive an award, she will want to work hard for such an award, rather than pay for it.

The mother of one added that because she does not want to be tagged as someone who pays monies owners of award schemes just to get the recognition, the strong vow she has made never to pay not even a pesewa to anybody for any kind of award.

She also told Zionfelix on the ‘Uncut’ show that if actors work very hard, they will get the recognition for their hard work rather than pay for it.

She revealed that because of the hard work they put in their recent movie, ‘The List’ it had six nominations at the recent ZAFAA (Zulu African film academy awards) Awards. She added that the best actress award was given to her even though she never paid any money.