Edmund Kyei Writes: Mahama Is The Architect Behind MPs Deal Causing Over 3000 Job Losses

It has been established after a thorough research and investigation that thousands of Ghanaian employees at the port will lose their jobs with the current MPS deal signed by the past Mahama's government.

Mr Ofosu Ampofo who is currently the Chairman of NDC was the board chairman of GPHA and signed the reckless deal with Meridian Port Services without considering the welfare and plight of the ordinary citizen who works at the port.

In the year 2015, when ex president Mahama's government was making such a move, they were alerted by Ghana Ports and Habors Authority (GPHA) workers of the later consequences, but the then Mahama's government refused to listen to the views of the workers. I wonder why a government who has been tasked to preside over the welfare of his citizens will rather do the opposite.

This deal was rather signed by the past government to enrich themselves rather than the ordinary Ghanaian citizens working at the port. The contract is expected to last for 35 good years where Ghana stands to lose billions of dollars.

It's very pathetic when I hear the ex president saying he cares about Ghanaians and that he wants to come back; was he sleeping when the MPS deal was going on? 

Never again Mahama.

.... Signed.....
Edmund Kyei
NPP Communication Member
Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman

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