Yaw Sakyi Exposed

Call him a man of many sides and you will not be far from wrong because for the past years, he has proven to be versatile by appearing on platforms one will not expect him fit for. A glance through his public profile will give us this list that is if these are all he has done and will be doing. Going by the easy to mention local name like Yaw Sakyi, Yaw can be seen as a comedian, sports administrator, event organizer, radio and TV presenter, Master of ceremonies and even an actor. Above all, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Rite Multi media, an event management firm. A long time profile judging from his age and achievements. Flex newspaper chanced upon him at the Accra Mall recently when he came for the premiere of Chelsea and we could not let him go freely without answering some questions from us. A situation of the interviewer being interviewed. We asked him if he has shifted from the arts industry to sports but his response was not what we thought. � I have not shifted entirely to sports but I have a company whose aim is to help in the development of Basket Ball in the country. This does not mean that the personality has shifted from the arts. I am an individual so I go by what the company does. My company still have an arts and entertainment programme called Run Down running on TV Africa. This is also one of our brands so fans should not get it twisted by thinking that Yaw Sakyi has shifted from the arts to sports. I am doing both since they are on the same line.� So now you know folks, Yaw is still with the arts industry Now that he is spending time on the two, we took that juicy opportunity to ask him which one is paying him for his efforts and he was quick to add that entertainment is not giving him money. �All the stuffs I do in the entertainment industry is not putting money in my pocket but what I do in the sports arena. I prefer doing sports to entertainment because that is what is paying me� he said. Is it going to change your mind from entering into the arts industry? Definitely not, make a good choice and it will work out yeah! He has mounted many stages in the name of comedy before, succeeding in some of them and obviously flopping in a few of them. A question about the state of comedy in the country was put to him and he hinted that comedy can be better in Ghana if the people parading as comedians will do enough research in the area. �We can do better in that area because others are doing great. The only thing I believe we are not doing is researching on what we do. If only we will do enough research on the topics we treat on the stage as comedians, then we can go far� he told Flex newspaper. In all these achievements, some challenges Yaw Sakyi seems to be facing is the fact that people in the showbiz world cannot live a normal life like others. �I wish I could go places and will not be recognized by the people around. How I wish I could go to a place and act like other people without eyes following me and all my actions. It worries but its unfortunate that is what I have chosen to do. The only challenge is anonymity� he added. (By the way, does he want to do evil. A question the reporter did not ask.) Make no mistake because Yaw has not quit with radio at all, very soon he will be starting another programme on radio but was tight lipped on which station he will be sending his immense experience to. Meanwhile Yaw`s Run Down, an entertainment programme which seeks to talk about events and filas in the arts industry is still running and getting bigger by the day. During this programme, he interviews celebrities from all angles as well as telling you about the latest programme in town with relevant discussions with his panelists. He was grateful to all his fans for how far they have been with him.