Eazzy The New Kid On The Block

She is a phenomenon to watch. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, you will discover prime wisdom and unfathomable talent. Well if you ever hear the sharp tenor appellation of �EAZZY BABY� then you are in for an experience of a lifetime. In a quest to satisfy the yearning of her faithful fans who crave her presence the Lynx family has arranged for the songstress to hit the road for a major club tour. On the19th of February, 2010 she will be gracing Sunyani at the Sunyani Poly Auditorium, 20th February will be the shine on inside the Garden City, Kumasi at Kiravi Night Club. The pen-ultimate show will be on the 26th of February, at the Paragon Night club in Takoradi and a grand finale on 5th March at the Aphrodisiac Night Club. Ghana�s female sensations have never lost out in the industry and Eazzy is out to prove it. For entertainment critics like myself, this is an opportunity to nail the Lynx family. My research shows that the scheduled tours are much anticipated. The very fact that she is the first female to take up such a challenge is in itself a huge plus to the Lynx profile. Already they have achieved enormously and yet as success greedy as they are Richie, (C.E.O of Lynx entertainment) thinks that they have done nothing. �To us the sky is the crawling stage and we are just about setting off�. Last year they tread on red carpets and set the standard. For lack of words LYNX WAS IT and they seem to be spurred on to toll even deeper legendary lines this year. Apart from putting a new name in the industry and the record label as a whole, they have also churned out their female asset to please their fans. Eazzy�s tour will be the first to be embarked on by any artiste this year and the first by a female performer ever.