Who Born Dog Saga: "No Comment...Let's Contain Rawlings' "Nuisance" -Kweku Baako

The Editor-in-chief of The New Crusading Guide newspaper, Mr Malik Kweku Baako, has uncharacteristically refrained from commenting on controversial remarks made by former president Rawlings this week. He had earlier in the week described Mr Rawlings as a �walking contradiction�, �hypocrisy personified� and a �licensed irritant�, in reaction to the former president�s lashing out at President Mills, his administration and some of his appointees. But when the issue was tabled for discussion on Joy FM�s news analysis programme, Newsfile, Mr Baako, an avid critic of Mr Rawlings refused to do an extensive interrogation of the former president�s comments unlike his co-panelists. He instead, read excerpts of a speech read by then president Rawlings during Ghana�s 40th Independence Anniversary. He read: �Every nation has its share of struggles of one kind or another and our beautiful brave land is no exception. We each have a part to play and that part does not include fault finding and blind criticism because civic responsibility means doing something and not complaining that something aught to be done. �The time has come to redefine patriotism because except when we combine all of our efforts we will not reach far. It is not the duty of one person but every man, every woman and every child.