NC Denies Nyantakyi’s Clearance Claim

Mr Dan Kweku Yeboah, the spokesperson of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Normalisation Committee (NC) has denied claims that former president of the GFA has been cleared of any acts of corruption by a Federation International Football Association (FIFA) forensic report.

This follows a widespread report in the local media of an alleged forensic audit that has been conducted by FIFA on the GFA which found “no acts of corruption or financial impropriety” against the defunct GFA administration.

The alleged report also sought to suggest that, the audit conducted some months ago had cleared all members of the then Executive Committee of the GFA of any acts of malfeasance.

According to the media report, the FIFA audit officials were alleged to have spent about one month in Ghana on their investigations and concluded that, the GFA only had “perception issues” to deal with since media reports of corruption within the Federation were “wide off the mark.”

Speaking to the media, Mr Yeboah described the alleged report as "laughable”.

"The FIFA auditing officials came to check and investigated the financial records of Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi's regime as President of GFA"

"Mr. Nyantakyi was banned by FIFA because of ethical reasons, per the Anas expose, Nyantakyi was seen taking money which could either be a gift or bribe and is against the code and ethics of FIFA,'' he said.

"It's laughable hearing speculations about FIFA's clearance on Mr. Nyantakyi, if indeed he's been cleared, then the ban on him should be lifted now."

"FIFA have no interest in the monies given by nations to the various FA's but it is only interested in the funds given by itself to it's various association members to help develop football."