Editorial: Stop This Practice

Concern has been raised by a retired social worker over the manner in which funerals are held in the Ahanta areas in the Western Region, with the involvement of children. He stated that the practice was becoming more serious and cautioned that it could be detrimental to the future of the area, if not addressed immediately by the traditional authorities. Mr. Adjei Darko, who raised the red flag over this negative conduct, said it was becoming too much to see children in the area engage in dancing from Friday to Sunday at funeral grounds, while parents in the area, who are supposed to be worried about this negative development, look on unconcerned. He said all appeals to get the assembly members of the area to liaise with the traditional authorities to halt the practice have fallen on deaf ears, as the children in the company of their parents continue to troop to funeral grounds every weekend. It is unfortunate that children are now taking centre at funerals at the time discipline among children has become a big issue. The situation is not only common in the Ahanta areas but cuts across board and it should be a major concern of all and sundry. Some parents travel for funerals with their wards at times when the kids are supposed to be in the classroom learning. What happens at funeral grounds as far as morality is concerned alone should deter parents from allowing their kids to be at funeral grounds. Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies should be quick in coming out with bye-laws that would safeguard children from such activities. Parents, who would go contrary to such a law, when it comes into effect, should be drastically dealt with, because the future of children who are the future leaders should not be destroyed.