Rawlings� ��Who born dog�� Enough! Leave Mills Alone (1)

�I [Rawlings] said it the other day, the people he [Atta Mills] surrounded himself with, most of them have worked with me before. That�s when I said who born dog. In my time, none of them would dare do the foolish things...� (Myjoyonline Feb 10, 2010; Ghanaweb Feb 11, 2010). I. THE DOG�S SONG All Sing Along Don�t Bark with JJ Wow wow wow JJ Ah ah ah ah oh Mills Every dog has its day JJ has had his day Wow wow wow JJ Ah ah ah ah oh Mills But JJ eye-red Mills� day too And so JJ unleashes his dogs Wow wow wow JJ Ah ah ah ah oh Mills Refrain: Who breeds the dogs JJ does Dogs of chaos Rabid dogs of exclusionism Wow wow wow JJ Ah ah ah ah oh Mills All Sing Along JJ�s dogs have political rabies Social fleas Wow wow wow JJ Ah ah ah ah oh Mills And JJ says Mills is infected By JJ�s dogs of tyranny Plaguing dogs of tyranny II. TYRANNY OF THE DOG JJ arrived, very poor, stole power Barked, baited all the time Like any dog born of dogs In his case born of ONE dog But �bastards� he called Mills� dogs JJ�s dogs that have besieged Mills So JJ did some good things But rampaged like a sick dog Dregs of power are intoxicating Hangover JJ is hanging on a cliff Even JJ�s avid admirers Have wagged left hands at him From afar As he who is tumbling down Cascading on insanity slope JJ has had it all What Ghanaians wish for From yoke-gari rags to riches Even designer tie-and-dyes JJ has the Indemnity Clause He never barks at it JJ has had it all Free food, housing, water The masses don�t Freedom to ride in bullet-proof 4 X 4 Paid for by his anonymous friends Freedom to have 10, 000 toilets Freedom to kill those with one toilet Freedom to teach us what is right Yes, JJ knows it all He alone has been right all along Freedom to preach virtues that never were And our ears wear his cacophonic sores III. WHICH DOG DARED JJ JJ We know that we dare(d) you not In your heyday Even now in your apparent nadir We dare you not Those who dared you suffered Oh! Arkaah Uncle Arkaah! Oh Kyeremeh Djan Abductions Murdering judges Curfews Disappearances Universities shut down Makola women�s genitalia Broken-bottle hair-cuts Pulling down of homes Seizure of properties You were the terror And terror haunts terrorists So we dared you not But another season is here The gods are haunting you You are besmearing yourself With insanity potions Yes, we dared you not And the gods are with us IV. JJ LEASH YOUR DOGS JJ leave Mills alone Mills needs his kernel of power JJ leave Mills alone JJ you said it all You had 18 years = 20 years Twenty years of power Mills has had only one year Discipline Yours was our darkest hour Your probity pilloried for power We heard it all Now give Mills his dog�s day Mills already heard it all You said Mills is snail-slow Mills associates with thieves Greedy, corrupt bastards Mills works with team Z But Mills� dogs are your dogs All are your cherished dogs Dogs of kinship Yes you �born the dogs� Who are plaguing Mills So retrieve those rabid dogs Of incompetence Of doggish pretentions Of clannish wagging tails Barking, baiting at Mills V. MILLS YOU NEED FREEDOM JJ Barks at his SWEDRU child Oh! Uncle Mills Atta the �bastard� of �who born dogs� The orphan of �who born dogs� Atta Mills who danced, basked As JJ barked at Liman, Kufour JJ The most intelligent barking dog The only Ghanaian JJ who has all the answers But failed to provide answers In a 20-year rampaging seasons JJ �who born dogs� all rabid dogs Can�t stop barking, baiting Atta Mills Mills unleash your neck From JJ�s dog chain Fight like a dog born in Swedru Swedru dogs freely roam free Atta Mills Free yourself from the tyranny of dogs From the bullying DOG that knows it all From the plague of JJ�s dogs Else history will not be kind to you *Akadu N. Mensema, Ph. D., is a nationalist Denkyira beauty. She is a trained oral historian cum sociologist and Professor in the USA. She lives in Pennsylvania with her great mentor and teaches Africa-area studies at a college in Maryland. In her pastime, she writes what critics have called �populist hyperbolic, satirical� poetry. She can be reached at [email protected] Comments: