Prophet Gives Kaakyire 10-Days To Live

A prophet in Odambo, a village in the Central Region of Ghana, has allegedly given musician-turned-movie producer cum actor, Kaakyire Kwame Appiah and his crew of over hundred people ten more days to live on earth. This was after the team had shot a movie in the village.The prophet, NEWS-ONE gathered, said the gods of the village were angry with the producer and his crew because they did not seek permission from the fetish priest or spiritual leader of the village before shooting the movie titled ‘Owuo Safoa’ even after the chief of the village gave them his words to shoot the movie. According to the prophet, the activities of the movie stakeholders were a taboo to the gods of the village, hence the visitation of the wrath of the gods which would manifest within ten days. The prophet has reportedly asked Kaakyire and his crew to buy some oil and other items in order to reverse the curse on them. NEWS-ONE gathered that upon their return to Accra, some members of the crew started falling sick. But in an explanation, Joe Shortingo, an actor who was part of the production, told the paper it was due to post-production stress. He indicated that ten days have already passed and nothing extraordinary had happened to anybody. Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports say one of Kaakyire’s actresses, Linda, ‘died’ last Friday evening, but resurrected after her parents sent her remains to an undisclosed shrine.