Ashante NPP versus Akyem NPP Review

In the wild it's very rare to see a strong and aggressive lioness sharing in complete mutual harmony her kill with a single loathsome, cowardly scavenger hyaena. But for how long would this harmonious mutual understanding last looking at their uncompromising historical ideologies and personalities involved? This bizarre live and let us live kind of sharing worked until the lioness got irritable fed up with the hyaena powerful and thunderous jaw bite noise, peacefully abandoned the prize to this tireless trotter. By itself, a single spotted hyena can eat over 18 kilograms at a single meal. That's over one-third of its own body weight! Indeed, hyenas are one of the very few animals that can eat every part of a carcass, including the bones. This might explain why they are associated with gluttony, ugly, uncleanliness and, with rather an absurdly long stretch. Nonetheless, the lioness is not fussy about these trivial and superfluous details of this notable mortal enemy but rather thinking of other immediate pressing issue. Could she be an expectant mother? Your guess is as good as mine. Now lets move unto Nana Akuffo Addo representing Akyem NPP and Alan Kyeremanteng for Ashante NPP, the stake is high taking into consideration the manner, mostly Ashante NPP mafias under J A Kuffour's looted the nation dry to the tune of about US$11.5 billion dollars. The following are the just a tip of the iceberg revealing how Akyem NPPs were relegated to the background on most of the supposed Danquah-Busia family loots on Ghana while Nana Akoffo Addo playing dead a situation similar to the expectant lioness in question to save his skin knowing that his time will surely come as the tireless trotter John Agyekum Kofi Diawuo Kuffuor's Ashante NPP family days are numbered: During the tenure of Mr. Isaac Osei as the High Commissioner, we understand that he spent over �1.8m renovating the property at Belgravia square, the original sum for the works was �800,000 but ended up being �1.8m. The contractor was not even a Ghanaian; someone close to '50 CENT' was asked to go and register a company in Ghana and later awarded the job to refurbish 13 Belgrave Square at a cool �1.8m. How the contract was tendered and the eventual contractor selected is still covered in secrecy. A cool �1m to Kuffour's Ashante NPP. For the so-called [email protected] celebrations, even children born just after the election knew that Mr Mpiani and his reckless expense savvy brother-in-law Dr Charles Yves Wereko-Brobbey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the [email protected] celebrations blew over US$87 million on it. Even before that loot, Brobby had single handedly brought VRA close to her knees who as CEO of the collapsing Volta River Authority (VRA) said that it was would better serve their property looting democracy buying luxury sports utility vehicles and other comfort range cars than fixing the collapsing energy grid. The whole point of the Ghana@ 50 Celebrations was to create an avenue for these greedy bastards to loot the country dry. Who born hyaena? Mr Mpiani who initially claimed that the cost of the presidential villa project was US$36.9 million, although the presidential villa has not yet been completed the expenses on it so far have exceeded US$ 85 million borrowed money from the Indians to build a presidential palace, and left the nation in debt for a useless jamboree to celebrate the 50th anniversary. EO Groupp was set up by a Houston-based businessman, George Owusu, who was Kosmos�s representative in Accra and Kwame Bawuah Edusei, a doctor and supporter of Mr Kufuor who was later appointed as ambassador to Washington. The group has a 3.5 per cent stake in the offshore oil block, whose stake could be worth more than $200m. Kosmos�s financing of EO�s costs was widely regarded in the industry as unusual especially as the terms of Kosmos�s deal with the government and state oil group were more favourable to Kosmos than from any other agreement. �The fact is whether Jonah swallowed the whale or the whale swallowed Jonah, the fact is there is a swallow ( fishy smell)�. Looks like Ghana owned by NPP Ashantis. Vodafone faces a fight over one of its prime acquisitions after an official review challenged the legality of its $900m (�557m) purchase of a leading local telecoms group. The review committee claimed that the government had only received $267m from the sale due to �complicated financial arrangements� and warned that the deal might be �unconstitutional� because it was conducted through a Netherlands-based holding company. This is '50 Cent' own baby, the smell spreading fast. In a nation that relies on Donor support for more than half its budget, the retiring president was to receive a lump sum of US$400,000. This is not the president's normal pension that is guaranteed in the Constitution -- this is ex-gratia (defined in Encarta as "given voluntarily: given as a gift, favour, or gesture of goodwill, rather than because it is owed") award and a scandalous gift of one million bucks, yes, one million dollars for him to establish a foundation, this the upper limits of Mr '50 Cent' callous greediness. A man with boundless ego, he not only spent good money in crafting a gold chain award for himself and his ministers; he spent the last months of his term collecting useless awards from his imperialists friends (masters, if you ask me). A paltry GDP of US$12.9 billion gives the nation a measly GNP of some US$560 at the time. Wouldn't there be 17 presidential candidates mostly from Ashante NPP? VRA bought the turbines from the manufacturer, Alsthom for US $70 million and then paid Zakhem US $80 million upfront to install them and provide the ancillary equipment. After three years, Ghanaian taxpayers money has gone down the drain of their US $150 million. An empty field showing white elephant at Kpone, surrounded by Belin type of concrete wall so the Ghanaian public cannot see that their money has been stolen by these Ashante NPPs. It stinks from any vantage position. Where is all these fishy smell coming from. Dr Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah, Ghana's former Ambassador to Japan diverted US$125,000 meant for two public universities into his own Parkoso School as 'kokofu' Charity Project. Chief John Addo Kufuor, son of President Kufuor, purchased the 7-storey, multi-million dollar, ultra-modern, uncompleted Hotel situated adjacent to the private residence of his father. The greater majority of Ghanaians are convinced that the Hotel actually was bought by President Kufuor, using his son as a front man. Kuffour financed the multi million dollar shopping mall owns by her daughter, secretly owns shares in almost all the mouth watering contracts during his tenure, his nephews and nieces were all pulled out from their poverty hibernation to become head of government institutions, ministers and anything he feels that will serve his cowardly looting. President Kufuor authorised the purchase of 40 Rover cars for his Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Special Assistants at a total cost of US $1.4 million through Mr. Agyeman, nephew of Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani, Chief of Staff and Minister for Presidential Affairs, from the Rover Company of the UK which is in bankruptcy and has been taken over by Chinese investors. It was revealed that President Kufuor's nephew-in-law, Mr. D. K. Osei, who was also the Secretary to the President, was paid �45 million per month, denominated in dollar terms as US$4,500 per month, under a consultancy contract entered into between Mr. Osei and the National Institutional Renewal Project (NIRP). July 2004, the World Bank provided $30 million grant to Asanteman Council headed by the Paramount chief Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Kuffour was the main architect for this grant, not only he was abusing the high office to solicit loans to Ashante Region, he was projecting the paramount chief Ashantehene as a king even though we have only two kings in Africa ( Morocco and Swaziland). The grant to Ghana by the World Bank meant for development has gone into the wrong pockets and up the time of writing Ashantehene is yet to tell us what the grant is used for. Okyehene and others are watching so why not Akuffo Addo? Scandal at varsity VC exposed in �61bn deal at UDS Hostel 42 cheques drawn from Students fees, Ex-NIB`s Gyimah`s hand shows in murky arrangement. The list of thefts goes on and on, and the examples you have read about are just the tip of the iceberg. The Turf war in the Ashante NPP and Akyem NPP is far from over. Getting back to scavenging, the lions scavenged more kills than the spotted hyenas. Lions are excellent hunters, and catch about 95 per cent of what they eat. So scavenging is a very minor part of their diet. So if hyanas aren't accused of being scavengers, why should lions be? In a profound philosophical sense, Nana is the destined leader of NPP to next electoral defeat. He exemplifies all the untenable clich�s of the past half of a century and is deeply entrenched in Danquah-Busia political shibboleths, which make it impossible for Kyeremanteng camp to dislodge him, he is the perfect symbol of the uptight dogmas that are now threatened with extinction. And as we know, it is when wild animals feel most trapped that they are the most dangerous (Nana men most often attack with impunity whoever crosses their path, Alan men recent victims). No doubt he appeals to a macho entities, made up of both men and women, because his aggression colours everything he says and does. Alan should just give way for Nana is no longer the expectant lioness.