60% of Ghanaians Are Pure Evil – Funny Face Rants – VIDEO

Once upon a time, Funny Face nearly committed suicide after being trolled nonstop for being an alleged ‘One-minute’ man.

Fast forward to today and he’s described 6 out of every 10 Ghanaians as witches.

An animated Funny Face made the point during a chat with Kleff Maxwell Justice (KMJ) on Joy Prime.

According to him, he has over 1m followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram yet whenever he posts something he rarely gets any shares or engagement.

He accused Ghanaians of not helping others to progress yet when you’re progressing too they try to bring you down.

Ergo, in his eyes, 60% of Ghanaians are witches.

Watch him make the point in the video below…

Sixty percent of Ghanaians are evil. - @funnyfacegh.

Lol watch this.#ShowBizNow. pic.twitter.com/xNBgODopNo

— Joy Prime (@RealJoyPrime) 17 September 2019