Kpone Katamanso NPP Parliamentary Aspirant Urges Delegates To Vote For Him

Constituency Executives present, electoral area coordinators, polling station executives, friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you all to this very short but important press briefing.

The last two months has seen me, Prince Dadzie campaigning vigorously through the length and breadth of Kpone Katamanso. One would ask, what necessitated this action? Why Prince Dadzie?

Well, just as black American human rights activist, Martin Luther King is noted for the now infamous speech, "I have a dream", so do I, Prince Dadzie possess a dream for Kpone Katamanso. Ladies and gentlemen, you would bear me out, that Kpone Katamanso constituency has suffered for far too long under the hands of the incompetent NDC administration since the inception of Ghana's 4th Republican constitution.

The challenges ranging from unemployment, abject poverty, teenage pregnancy, land litigation, bad roads, high school dropout rate, inadequate public places of convenience, portable drinking water just to name a few has seen little improvement. It's on the backdrop of these challenges that I avail myself for such a contest. I'm of the conviction, that, I Prince Dadzie possess the magic wand to turn the fulcrum of the constituency.

As you may recall, I have been in constant interaction with you the polling station executives who are invariably the kingmakers of the constituency over the last two months, sharing my vision, thoughts & ideas. As I told you earlier, I intend resourcing you in order that you can put in your all for the bigger contest come 2020. The days where polling station executives only became relevant or useful during elections will be a thing of the past under my watch as the PC and MP. I am committed to changing the fortunes of you the executives to capture the seat for our beloved New Patriotic Party come December 2020.

Having been a student leader at the tertiary level and also a political assistant to the National Youth Organizer of our party, I have the requisite experience on the job which I will bring to bear.
I am committed to securing sustainable jobs for our unemployed polling station executives through the links I have with numerous Government officials, CEOs of reputable organizations, Business moguls etc.

Facilitating scholarships for our brilliant but needy students is and will continue to be an icing on the cake.

I strongly believe that, when our polling station executives are socioeconomically sound, winning Kpone Katamanso constituency seat will be a mere formality.

We can not continue doing the same old things and turn around expecting new results. We need a paradigm shift and the one to cause that change is your humble servant, Prince Dadzie.

Ladies & gentlemen, society since creation has monumentally gone through either gradual or radical paradigm shift in shaping the course of nature. Change everywhere is eminent and an essential commodity to accelerate development. 
The world is tremendously changing at the speed of light; scientifically,  economically, socially and all other facets of human life and Kpone Katamanso cannot wait because we don't live in an isolation Indeed, we are time bound to bridge the deficit through accelerated change driven by dialogue. 
Intrinsically, human beings will fiercely  oppose change of any form and give excuses, but will however resist it in it entirety when it's forced down their throat. In a safe haven or a compromising situation to effect change, dialogue must be paramount and that is what Prince Dadzie brings to the table.
The NPP Government as you are already aware has introduced numerous social intervention policies such as Free SHS, 1D1F, 1V1D, planting for food & Kpone Katamanso must benefit from the massive infrastructural projects currently being rolled out.  
Social growth and development of Kpone Katamanso will first and foremost begin with the change reaction of you the delegates through dialogue. To close the gap and remain competitive, we will need citizens who are passionate and ready for change and its adaptation. I have no doubts or whatsoever in my mind that Kpone Katamanso will rise again. 
Distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen, as I bring my submission to a close, I humbly appeal to you to vote massively for Prince Dadzie on 28th September 2019.  Your humble servant, Prince Dadzie is Number 1 on the ballot.  Vote Prince Dadzie to ensure smooth success of election 2020 in Kpone Katamanso .  
Thank you, the people of Kpone Katamanso constituency.  God bless us all.  

Prince Dadzie
Parliamentary Aspirant