Nana Addo's 'Girl' Sues NPP

The National, Regional and Subin Secretariats of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), as well as the Subin Constituency Chairman, Alhaji Baba Abdulai, and four other constituency executives, have been cited for contempt of court for the purported removal of Ms. Angela Frimpong as a polling station chairperson. Other respondents including Ali Tanko, Prince Boateng, Subin Constituency Chairman, and Organiser respectively, as well as Cynthia Frimpong, Subin Electoral Officer. Ms Frimpong, a card-bearing member of the party, and a known sympathizer of Nana Akufo Addo’s aspiration, has filed a motion on notice at the Kumasi High Court seeking for an order to commit the respondents for contempt. The application for contempt filed on February 12, 2010, is in pursuance of a legal suit filed by the plaintiff on January 25, 2010 against the defendants. In an affidavit in support of the motion filed on her behalf by Lawyer Sulley Sambian of Dwumfour & Dwumfour Chambers, the application averred that in January this year, she sued the defendants, restraining them from going ahead with the constituency executive elections in the Subin constituency. She claimed that an application for interlocutory injunction was also filed and served on the four respondents from holding themselves as elected executives. The affidavit referred to another relief which sought an order restraining the respondents from voting in the regional congress of the NPP. In spite of the writ of summons, and application for interlocutory injunction, he plaintiff said the three respondents ignored the process and went ahead to vote, which action was calculated to bring the administration of justice into disrepute, and therefore undermine the administration of justice. For this, she has prayed the court to punish the respondents for the conduct, to serve as a deterrent to like-minded persons, and preserve the image, authority, and dignity of the justice delivery system. In the substantive case brought against the NPP (National Regional and Subin) and the Chairman, as well as constituency secretary, organiser and youth organiser, the plaintiff claimed that in line with the opening of nominations by the NPP, she applied to retained as chairperson of the Queen Elizabeth Day Care polling station in the Subin constituency. The plaintiff claimed that she had been wrongfully been displaced, because one Samuel Twum was handpicked without the conduct of polling station election, contrary to the constitution of the NPP, and guidelines for the conduct of constituency elections. She also claims that since the polling stations elections had not been organised, the whole electoral process had been flawed, and consequently petitioned the Regional Secretary for redress. Consequently, the plaintiff is claiming against the defendants jointly, and severally, a declaration of the court that the failure and refusal of the defendants to organise the polling station executive election in Subin, infringed the election guidelines of the NPP, and that the electoral process adopted by the defendants undermined the plaintiff’s constitutional right to vote and be voted for. The writ also sought an order annulling the purported election held for the polling station executives.