Richard Hoyah Releases His First Ever Single

Richard Hoyah is one of the upcoming Ghanaian gospel musicians to look out for.  This young man believes in imparting lives all over the world using God given gifts.

Together with a team of other young talents the Richard Hoyah Ministry was launched 3 years ago to champion the mission. Consistently the team has held annual events where originally composed uplifting music is shared with live audiences.

Se Enye Wo, their debut single record is one of the many songs he's blessed to compose and share. The song which simply means "If Not for you" is a shared testimony of all the young people who are together in crafting it.

One noticeable feature of the song is its simplicity. It is expected that the melody will remain on your lips, and the message in your heart.

Se Enye Wo is set to be released on Saturday 12th of October, 2019 at 2pm GMT. Be sure to get this spirit uplifting song on all major platforms such as Googleplay, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube etc.  

It is both gratitude to God, and inspiration to people. Since he has assured of more music to come after this, enjoy Se Enye Wo now, be blessed, and wait for the next.