Delegates Wanted More Than My Words - Fred Pappoe Reveals After GFA Elections

One of the aspirants for the Ghana FA Presidency, Fred Pappoe, has estimated that the 120 delegates who had the power to vote in October 25 elections, perhaps were in search of something more than the rhetoric and message he had to share with them and that was why he did not win the polls.

Pappoe got 6 votes in the first round of voting but even though was eligible for the second round of voting, he declined and pulled out of the race.

“I do not think think something went wrong with my message. I gave my message and it was the best that could have been given at the time.

Maybe to the delegates, the message was not enough for them. I am sure that they had expectations and I could not give anything more than the message. That is why I am pleased with myself for having stood my grounds until the end.”

Pappoe added that he was not taken aback by the turn of events during the polls and he did not have any regrets about how he approached the elections.

“By my nature, nothing surprises me especially when I am dealing with human beings. For me, the most important thing is that I gave it my all.

I will not say that I should have done things differently. I am proud of every single thing I said during the campaign and I am ok with the results.”

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