It’s No Big Deal To Kneel To Propose To The Woman You Love – Pete Edochie's Actor Son

Yul Edochie, Nollywood veteran Pete Edochie’s son has to some extent disproven his father’s claim.

The actor has said it’s no big deal to kneel to propose to the woman you love.

Though he agreed to his father’s point that it’s alien to our culture, he maintained it’s nothing serious.

Yul Edochie further disclosed that he didn’t kneel to propose to his wife because she didn’t ask him to.

A few weeks ago, veteran actor Pete Edochie trended for saying men who kneel to propose to their lovers are fools.

According to him, it’s a foreign culture and over here men are supposed to be superior or heads of the family.

However, Yul Edochie believes that doesn’t make any difference in the character of a woman.

‘‘I didn’t kneel because I didn’t have to. My wife didn’t ask me to kneel and propose to her. I got married many years ago, 2004 or so. But I will tell you what I think about kneeling to propose. To an extent, my father is right. It is not our culture. It is foreign. But it is actually no big deal. It is not that serious. Whether you kneel or lie down to propose, the woman who would leave you, would. The one who won’t respect you, won’t respect you. The one who would love you, respect you and stick with you, will surly do regardless of how you proposed. My father is 73 years ago, much respect to him, but you see, he is speaking from his own era.  He lives in that time when they don’t need to kneel to propose,” he said.

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