Ghana FA Critic Amin Lamptey Suffers Physical Attack; Fingers Allies Of President Kurt Okraku

Top Ghanaian journalist Mohammed Amin Lamptey has been physically assaulted by persons believed to have close ties with Ghana FA President Kurt Okraku.

Lamptey, who is an avid critic of the current administration, is alleged to have been hit by Dreams FC President Jiji Alifoe on Tuesday in Accra.

The chief communicator was hit multiple times following a confrontation with the unassuming Dreams FC chief.

There are fears this unfortunate incident could spark a ghetto war between the two factions.

It’s unclear what provoked the attack, but images of Lamptey with a scattered face has surfaced on social media.

Lamptey, who doubles as a lecturer at a Ghanaian university, has lodged a complaint with the Ghana Police.

It’s been speculated that the physical attack could be related to Lamptey’s critique of the current Ghana FA administration.

He has been a thorn in the flesh of the Kurt Okraku reign raising critical issues.

His favourite column “Amin Lamptey Loop” where he digest issues and raise pertinent questions appeared to have ruffled feathers in the Okraku camp, it is believed.

Lamptey, who has a long-standing friendship with the FA capo, appears to have drifted following his recent criticism of his administration.

“I went to buy Prepaid Card and was attacked by Jiji Alifoe, he narrated.

“I saw him first and approached him in a friendly manner to exchange pleasantries.

“But he was angry over my criticism of Kurt Okraku and removed his fone from his pocket to hit me. He then raised me up and brought me down to the ground.

“ I was not ready to fight him so I am going to report to the police.”

This situation could deepen the antagonism that has been fueled in recent times.