King Promise In 'Self-Isolation’ Over Coronavirus

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has become a thorn in the flesh of mankind.

The entertainment industry has had its own share. Concerts are being cancelled, musicians are wailing over their losses and footballers are craving to put on their boots.

Ghanaian musician and songwriter King Promise has detailed how the COVID-19 has confined him to his home.

Speaking to MzGee on 3FM’s Showbuzz show, the artiste disclosed that he will be out of sight for the next two weeks as he follows World Health Organization’s protocols due to his recent travel history.

“I have not experienced any symptoms of coronavirus, but you know I just returned from abroad and it's important I do this, so I’m in my room chilling, watching football and the company’s doctor will also be paying me regular visits, so I’m fine,” he said.

Touching on the recent cancellation of his “As Promised World Tour” concerts, the artiste explained that even though his London and Amsterdam concerts pulled massive crowds, he had to call off the rest of the concerts due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The “CCTV” hitmaker, however, seized the opportunity to urge fans to adhere to WHO’s guidelines to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

Ghana over the last nine days has recorded sixteen confirmed Covid-19 cases within its shores. Nearly 500 contact tracing persons have also been identified and are being monitored by health officials.