CPP pressure group urges youth to stand for executive positions

The Sankofa Convention People�s Youth Movement, a pressure group of the Convention People�s party (CPP), is asking the youth to stand for executive positions to take over the party. Sankofa in a statement issued in Accra declared that �it is time for the youth in the party to stand for executive positions in the party and takeover the affairs of the party�. The group said it believed that the CPP was not hungry for victory in the upcoming national election. It said while the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had already organized its congress and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) would hold its congress in July, the CPP was �in a limbo as to when to fix a date and keeps postponing theirs�. The statement said that besides the postponement it wondered how the CPP could win any election when it did not even have constituency offices across the country �How do we expect to win when we do not have the necessary structures to complement and support our efforts? The time has therefore come for the National Executive Committee to take the party seriously and stop wasting the fortunes of the party.� The statement said it was obvious that the fortune of the CPP was in the hands of the youth. It said: �The CPP has always had a special relationship with the youth and it is time for us the youth in the party and Ghana as a whole to honour that relationship�. The statement said that Ghanaians were looking for a third alternative to the NPP and NDC �and if we are to make an impact on the political scene, then the youth should be at the forefront of the party�.