Northern NPP Members Threaten To Vote �Skirt And Blouse�

Regardless of the New Patriotic Party�s �all hands on deck� nationwide tour meant to heal wounds after the party�s Parliamentary primaries, some aggrieved party members in various constituencies of the Northern Region, are threatening to vote �skirt and blouse� in the 2012 General elections. Some of the constituencies where such entrenched stands have been taken include Tamale central, Yendi, Tolon, Damongo/Daboya and Gambaga/Nalerigu. In those constituencies, aggrieved supporters of some defeated Parliamentary aspirants who have reservations about the outcome of the April 30 nationwide primaries, have vowed to vote massively for Nana Addo and reject the Parliamentary candidates. In view of these tormenting developments in the party, a group called the Progressive NPP Youth (PRONY) in Tamale is mobilizing resources to embark on a visit to the troubled constituencies to talk to their folks to rescind their decision. In the spirit of party unity, Ahmed Iddi Adakwa, President of the Progressive NPP Youth, called on all NPP members to deepen their loyalty to the party by campaigning massively for Nana Akufo-Addo and all the Parliamentary candidates nationwide. According to him, it will be suicidal to vote for Nana Addo and reject some of his Parliamentary candidates at the polls seeing that he will need an overwhelming majority in Parliament to deliver his campaign promises. �As NPP youth, our major priority at this time should be moving from door to door to solicit votes for our flagbearer and all our Parliamentary candidates for a resounding victory in 2012� he noted. Ahmed Iddi Adakwa said unfolding events in the ruling NDC clearly shows that Ghanaians will reject the NDC in 2012 for which reason the NPP must remain united to recapture power.