Peer Pressure Is Not Always Wrong – Nana Aba Anamoah

General Manager of GHOne TV, Nana Aba Anamoah, has said the notion that peer pressure always leads to negative behaviour is wrong.

Nana Aba believes individuals can also pick up good behaviours from their peers depending on the perspective and where they want to reach in life.

The outspoken TV host made the comments while sharing nuggets of wisdom with award-winning blogger, Kobby Kyei on Instagram live.

In her words, “Peer pressure is not always wrong. It’s not just the negatives. I mean if you feel a friend is doing remarkably well, you learn from that and make your life better. For example if you have a friend who likes to read a lot and notice he/she communicates well as a result of his reading habit, you can pick up the habit too.”

She, however, did not dispute that there are bad habits individuals pick from their friends. She was of the view that “the negatives are there but if you think the positives will help you why not.”

The EIB Network employee, who believes the youth do less to better themselves lately, noted that young people these days spend most of their time on their smartphones rather than investing in knowledge and skills.

“A lot of people are losing themselves to smartphones. Smartphones are getting smarter than people and that’s not right.” She established.

Using herself as an example Nana Aba said she often takes online courses to improve on herself adding, “I always love to invest in myself. I always love to learn. I always want to a step ahead. I always want to be relevant.”