Okomfour Kwadee Brouhaha: Mother Drops Full Details

Musicians and industry players pointing fingers at Okomfour Kwadee’s mother has coerced her to clarify issues pertaining to her son’s amnesia.

Madam Cecilia Atootaga who has been accused of deliberately prolonging her son’s stay in the rehabilitation centre has explained her actions is to protect his integrity.

In an interview on Pure FM, Madam Cecilia said the administrators of the rehabilitation centre have been profiting from Kwadee by releasing him to some individuals to play concerts across the country without their consent.

She also claimed money from such events, as well as appeals for funds’ never made it into the family’s coffers hence their decision to seek legal actions to restrict any ‘help’.

“I was called that some people wanted my son in Accra for a show, I declined only to called back some weeks later and be informed that my son was released without my permission. She assured me he will come back but after one month, he didn’t come back. Can you imagine that when I asked of the people, she told me she doesn’t even have their number. That is what made me put the injunction on my son,” she explained

Reacting to reports that she threatened to sue Lord Kenya who has constantly been updating Ghanaians on Kwadee’s health, Madam Cecilia said the reports were false.

“I have not threatened to sue Lord Kenya; I can’t do that because I am the one who called on him in the first place to assist my son because I know he had [rehabilitation] experience,” she added.

Okomfour Kwadee has spent 14 years in and out of rehab after suffering mental instability.