This Gross Disrespect For Socrates Sarfo Should End Now! - Arnold Baidoo Goes 'Mad' On Prez Akufo-Addo

Entertainment Analyst and writer, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has descended heavily on President Nana Akufo-Addo and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) over what he terms as unfair treatment to his colleague in the Creative Arts industry, Socrates Sarfo.

Movie Producer Socrates Sarfo, who doubles as the Head of Programmes for the National Commission on Culture for the Creative Arts, on Friday, September 4, 2020 brimmed with anger as he narrated how he has been sidelined by the appointees of the President steering affairs of the Creative Arts industry.

In an interview on Okay FM's ''Best Entertainment'', Socrates Sarfo bellowed that he is tired because the President's appointees are frustrating him.

''If somebody is listening, they should tell the President that some of us are getting tired...The frustration is too much. We've been quiet for far too long and it looks some people feels being quiet means you're stupid. No! Being quiet is giving people time to reform. We've voted for a party. The President is doing whatever he can do but there are people who don't understand why they're even in office. There are people who don't understand and value whatever they have been assigned to do. Somebody should tell the President; something is wrong.

''...We can't come and sit here on an empty stomach for four years. We finish and we go and beg friends for food and at the end of the day, people sit in certain places and they want to be carried in palanquins and hail their praises. For what!'', he expressed his resentments over how he has had to suffer since giving his life to the NPP.

Addressing Socrates' plight, Arnold Baidoo unequivocally blasted the Creative Arts authorities and the Akufo-Addo government, warning them to immediately stop disrespecting Socrates Sarfo.

He condemned their behaviour towards Socrates saying ''the NPP and some high-profile personalities in the party are treating Socrates Sarfo unfairly. The level of disrespect that they're showing Socrates; it must be condemned. Socrates, from being a convener of Creative Arts for Change, his ability to actually galvanize Creative Arts players to show support for the party and ensure their coming into government and being treated this way; it must highly be condemned. When you listen to some of the high-profile personalities in government, especially within our sector, and how they talk about Sarfo is wrong. They don't accord him any respect and this gentleman is the one aggressively defending the government''.

He also stressed '' the last four years, give me one personality who move from one radio station to Television station to radio station to wherever defending the government; it's Socrates Sarfo. So, how come he is saying that he has been hungry for four years? Why?''

Arnold further called on the authority in charge of the Creative Arts industry, in this case will be the Minister for Tourism and Creative Arts Mrs. Barbara Oteng Gyasi, and the people in her outfit to refrain from keeping Socrates in the dark about activities that go on in the Creative Arts sector.

Socrates Sarfo confirmed the lack of communication that exists between him and those he works with at the Creative Arts, admitting his colleague workers don't give him adequate information whenever they are undertaking initiatives and projects or even involve him.

The Minister is also reported as currently in Kumasi to either check or commission a project relating to the Creative Arts sector and Socrates, once again, knows nothing about it; meanwhile he is the Head of Programmes or better still Director of the Creative Arts and holds other prestigious positions in the sector.

''How come that when you're setting up projects, inauguarting or sign for projects; he's not aware? What kind of disrespect is that?  What kind of disrespect is this? That Head of Projects for Creative Arts is not called when they're planning or going to commission projects; they don't even invite him when eating. Why? What crime has he committed to actually defend the President and the party?

''...even when Sarfo has no idea about an issue, he will find a way of defending it and I usually bash him that you're not aware about this issue but you always find a way of defending. Yesterday was the first time of that he told the truth that he had no idea about this particular thing because he was tired. Even when he's not aware, he will still figure out a way of trying to defend because he has love for the party and the President'', 
Arnold exclaimed on Peace FM's ''Entertainment Review''.

To Arnold, such gross disrespect shouldn't be entertained any longer.

'You sit in your offices and not come out to defend. This man kills himself to defend even to the extent of saying what is untrue as well as telling the truth. It's all him. It's Socrates. Just check all the platforms, for the last four or so years, when we want someone to defend the NPP and what they have been up to, it is Socrates Sarfo. It is Socrates Sarfo, yet you guys disrespect him all the time. Common information you have to give him, you don't want to make it available to him. Why? 

''This is the same person who will come and sit on radio and Television to defend, yet you'll not give the information. So, what information should he discuss on the radio and Television? The level of disrespect, disregard for Socrates Sarfo should end now because it's not as if he's doing nothing. He's been working for four years. What eles must he do?''

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